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MobiKu is a mobile gaming platform that serves as a one-stop gaming destination for you mobile games lovers. The one-stop gaming destination for top quality games and high level of fun.

We make sure that your enjoyment and gaming experience are our top priority. FUN and PLAY! Nuff' said. Or is it PLAY and have FUN? ^_^

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What We Do

Mobile Game Publishing

Mobile First

People nowadays bring their own mobile devices everywhere they go. Gaming on mobile devices is more common than ever.


Available on Google Android, Apple iOS.
Play seamlessly on any platform, on any phone or table you own.

SDK Integrated

Our games are connected and integrated into our industry-proven SDK platform that enhances gamers' experience to the next level.

About Us

Fun + Innovation + Community = MobiKu

We, at MobiKu, are a group of renowned professionals within the gaming industry, specializing in mobile games publishing.

Our mission is to deliver the best games to gamers all around the globe and give them the best gaming experience possible through fun and exciting games, great customer service and great gaming community.

Simply put, your gaming experience will be OFF-THE-CHART. ^_-

We are HIRING!

We are looking for talented individuals to join our MobiKu team.

Vacancies for the following positions:

  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Design Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Digital Marketer
  • Ground Marketer
  • IT Manager
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Full-stack/Front-end/Back-end Programmers

If you are interested in joining, please fill in the contact form and attach your CV as well.

Contact Us


[email protected], Jakarta, Indonesia.

contact @ mobiku.com